Ruth Ordon, Health Director

​Juntos Saludables/Shared Beat

​​​​Juntos Saludables, Healthy Together, is a collaborative preventive health program in and around the San Martin, Guatemala area in partnership with Shared Beat, People for Guatemala, area schools and established community groups. 
The first program Health Director, Ruth Orden, is a Shared Beat Scholarship Program nursing school graduate and a former teacher and resident in San Martin.
To promote healthy behaviors through preventive health programs and education while connecting people, ideas and resources.
•Promote healthy lifestyles
•Improve overall community health
•Enhance quality of life
•Prevent disease and injury
•Decrease healthcare cost

•Increase the number of schools involved each year

In communities and populations with limited resources, a school preventive health program provides a first line of defense against disease and illness. Through early detection, illness can be addressed in a timely manner.

The Health Director identifies groups in each community where Shared Beat has School Health Programs. Then establishes class 6 times per year. Lessons include topics of interest to the community groups as well as:
            •Maternal & Child Health, Nutrition
            •Illness Prevention
  The Health Director is a community resource for preventive health issues.

This is just the beginning for Juntos Saludable. Through growth together and watching our for each other the possibilities are endless.

Juntos Saludables is a program made possible by Annie Stephens. Annie loved people and believed we should all take care of each other. Now the children of Guatemala have an Angel watching over them. 

Thank you Annie! 

​Juntos Saludables- Healthy Together


Safe Passage Wellness Center

1700 Guatemalan Students are waiting to get back to their School Preventive Health Program

Annie Stephens

​The Heart of Juntos Saludables

“Give a man a fish, change his day.   Teach him to fish and change his future.”

Through Shared Beat’s biannual medical trips along with screening and treatment programs, we change the lives of Guatemalan children. By providing glasses and hearing aids, through our educational programs, and with our scholarship program supporting Guatemalans entering the health care professions,Shared Beat is changing futures.

We empower Guatemalans to change their own tomorrows by teaching them about nutrition, hygiene, and making healthy life choices.  Habits started in childhood influence entire lives. 

Share the Future!

The Safe Passage/Shared Beat Wellness Center is a school based center open to the students of                  Safe Passage during school hours. The staff nursing assistant works Monday-Friday assisting                 students with:

  • basic first aid
  • symptom management
  • appointments to see the doctor
  • medical follow-up 
  • vision issues
  • optometry visits

The doctor works by appointments 2 hours a day, 3 times a week, and is on call during school                        hours to assist with students health related problems.

The Health & Wellness Center Director coordinates all health related activities at the Safe Passage.                A few of his responsibilities include:

  • Management of the Integrated Health Team- Psychology, Social Work, Medical & Nutrition 
  • Medical/Dental/Vision Team Coordination

Shared Beat provides: 

  • Annual Emergency Fund for students
  • Yearly supplies & medication 
  • Monetary support for a fulltime Guatemalan nursing assistant & and part-time Guatemalan physician
  • Medical Support

At the end of 2019, over 56,000 patients have been seen in the clinic since 2008.