Our Focus

Our Mission

Assist underserved Guatemalan children to advance their education through improved health.


There is strength in numbers! Through partnerships we have added resources, knowledge, skills and support. We value our relationships with our partners, they are our friends! Nonprofits, volunteers, and donors, together we can make a difference!


Preventative healthcare is an investment in the future. Through healthy habits and health maintenance, illness and disease  can be prevented, days in school and work increased and  healthcare

expense reduced. The cost for prevention is far less than treating illness. Cost, not just in dollars.

We strive to create healthy futures for children and families in Guatemala through basic healthcare, prevention & education. We believe that health influences children's success in school and that good health is more effectively achieved through family and community involvement.




Health education empowers individuals and communities by teaching healthy habits and reducing health risks to create healthy environments. From teaching proper hand washing techniques to more complex methods of illness and disease reduction lives are changed!

Basic Healthcare

Access to quality basic healthcare in Guatemala is a challenge. Among the Latin American countries, Guatemala has the highest infant mortality and the lowest life expectancy. Communicable diseases  & treatable illnesses are the major causes of death.