​​Our focus in Guatemala is on providing preventive healthcare programs in schools and scholarships for Guatemalans who want to be healthcare professionals. The programs are building blocks for the future health of the students, their families and communities. Our passionate is to inspire, empower and enable people to redefine their lives. After years of providing healthy life tools and dependable service, we are slowly but surely seeing and being the change. 

Why is helping in Guatemala so important?On average, Guatemalan children attend only four years of schooling and only three out of ten students graduate from sixth grade. The poverty rate in Guatemala is very high. According to the World Bank, 59.3 percent of the population lives below the poverty line. In addition, 23 percent live in extreme poverty. The increase in violence and immigration changes also make it more important than ever to provide support to our Guatemalan neighbors. 

                Our Vision

Shared Beat envisions a healthy Guatemala where each person can realize their potential. 

Creating opportunities in Guatemala through sustainable wellness programs and health career scholarships.


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